Justice League gets a director

Its officially official kids. The new Justice League movie in the works has a director attached to it, and that director is George Miller. Variety confirms that Miller has indeed been tapped to helm the epic that WB has in store for 2009. This really shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone, as its been pretty heavily rumored for some time now. Despite having a director, officials at WB are still quite apprehensive about the whole thing, because a Justice League movie is so complex that its next to impossible to pull off (some officials have indicated they're "holding their breath" until production actually gets underway). WB would also like this movie to act as a starting point for potential Flash and Wonder Woman stories (much in the way that the X-Men franchise launched Wolverine and Magneto movies). Does this change things for Batman and Superman? For Batman, no, because The Dark Knight is well underway in terms of production (although Christopher Nolan) would like to have his movie done before WB begins working on another DC franchise). Unfortunately for Superman fans, the sequel to Superman Returns is taking a backseat to the new Justice League movie. Honestly, I'm not that broken up about that, as Superman Returns was pretty sub-par if you ask me. Miller directing Justice League