Justice League, Superman, Wolverine and Magneto

I didn't just list off the newest crossover between the DC and Marvel Universes (but if I had it would be slightly one-sided). No sir, those are three movies waiting in the wings of development, just itching for some updates. IESB has got you covered. Justice League will begin filming in Australia in February 2008 at Fox Studios. Production for The Man of Steel is supposedly starting in 2008, with a 2009 release planned. Singer plans on shooting the sequel in Vancouver, and that would be ambitious of DC to have two of their more epic hero movies filming at the same time. Shooting for Wolverine is still on track to start in November in Australia. Rumor has it that Fox wants to bring in some other popular mutants for the movie, so we'll see who that ends up being when the info leaks. With Magneto's movie (now being called X-Men: Origins), there seems to be some discrepancies regarding the script, as there are two versions floating out there. Lots of news to digest, I know, but hey, that's what you come here for. Superhero movie news UPDATE: Rumor has it that the "other popular mutants" in the standalone Wolverine movie are Sabretooth, Juggernaut and/or a younger Stryker (with all actors who played them in the X-Men movies reprising their roles).