Marvel 2007 Costume Contest

Some of you may have your Halloween costume all set, because Halloween is a mere month away. If your costume happens to be comic related, well, you might as well enter at least once contest with it right? Marvel's 2007 Costume Contest allows you to do just that. Log into the Marvel website and upload a picture of you in your Marvel costume to be entered. The contest will accept submissions until October 22. Fans will vote on the winner during the week of October 22 through October 29. One grand prize winner will received a personalized "handbook styled page" to appear in a Marvel comic, along with a Captain America Omnibus signed by Ed Brubaker. In addition to the grand prize winner, there will also be another winner of the fan favorite variety, and they'll receive the Captain America Omnibus signed by Ed Brubaker. So what's stopping you? Head on over and enter the contest. Hopefully your costume wins enough votes to get you into a comic book. Marvel 2007 Costume Contest