McFarlane is awesome

IGN Comics (boo competition) has a great interview up with comics legend Todd McFarlane (hooray comics legend), and they cover everything from doing work for Halo to pitching his ideas for a movie based on twisting the preconceived paradigm that is the Wizard of Oz. On creating Halo SE controllers: "So then the question became what do we draw to get around all these buttons. I'm used to, when I do comic books or posters, you have free reign over all that space. You're not used to drawing around something. So we went back with a couple sketches and they came back with their ideas of what we could or couldn't do. It was a good experiment because, with the Master Chief, we did a full body shot of him. Well with the full body shot you have to shrink it down. Then we have the Brute and we did a big head with that cool headdress. We were then able to "bleed through" the buttons. It'll be interesting to see if one sparks an interest more than the other given that we were experimenting. I'm sure once it gets to the market that they'll give us some feedback one way or the other." On his remake of Wizard of Oz: "So mom and grandma love Wizard of Oz? Just wait until they see this stuff. And if we ever make a movie close to that, it's going to give them a heart attack. It's like, Mom, some day we're going to have a back to back feature. I'll watch your Wizard of Oz, but then you have to watch mine. And let's just go to it. It's okay to poke people in the ribs. For me it's not about looking at anything specific, although there's big, broad strokes that we know, I mean within Oz there are the four to five characters that we all know, but beyond that it's just coming up with a new take on it and not being overly loyal to what already exists. I think sometimes that can actually slow you down." And finally, on the inevitable Spawn/Batman crossover: "Not really. I got distracted by some other things and there were some legal issues and whatnot, so that one kind of got bumped to the side. I mean, other stuff got bumped up, it's not like I went to the beach, but there's nothing really worth reporting." Sadly, no new news on the Spawn/Batman thing, which would freaking kick ass. The interview definitely focuses most on his recent work for the Halo franchise, but the entire interview is chock full of McFarlane insights, so check it out. IGN interviews Todd McFarlane