McFarlane wears a Halo

No big surprise to anyone, Todd McFarlane is pretty badass. Halo is pretty badass. Put them both together, and what do you get, insanity. A while back it was reported that McFarlane was contracted by Bungie/Microsoft to create Halo figures based on their video game counterparts. Finally, we have actual, real life photos of said figures. On McFarlane's toy website (aptly named, McFarlane has previews of all the figures soon to be hitting stores. While his site only hosts a few pictures, there are links to other sites that are also showcasing pictures of the figures. All pictures are from his Halo Series 1 set, due to be released in March 2008. Most likely we can expect to see multiple series, as I'm sure McFarlane's contract is for far more than just a Master Chief and Warthog. But of course, releasing the pictures this far in advance only adds to the hype machine that is Halo 3, due to wreck relationships and kill work productivity in a little under 2 weeks. Halo Series 1 news