More Justice League details

Well it looks like we have a director. Obsessed With Film is reporting that the big WB has hired (surprise!) George Miller to helm the big screen adaptation of comics' most respectable family. According to OWF, WB plans for Justice League to be their 2009 "tentpole" (which you can interpret any way you'd like), with filming for the movie taking place in Sydney, Australia from February to June 2008. Nikki Barrett (Australia, The Proposition) will handle casting duties down under, while Ronna Kress (Beowulf, The Mummy 3) will oversee the entire casting process. And Barrie Osborne (The Lord of the Rings, The Matrix will handle producing duties in conjunction with Doug Mitchell. These casting directors are in addition to Susan Shopmaker (The Holiday, Mean Girls), Michelle Allen (Dead Like Me of HDNet fame) and RDC Casting (The Shipping News). Its hard to get excited about individuals being hired to do casting, as the cast members are obviously more intriguing, but at least it looks like WB is hiring some pretty reputable casting directors. This dearth of knowledge is rare, because WB is trying to be as tight-lipped about the movie as they possibly can. Which is frustrating, because everyone knows its being made, especially with the resurgence that comics is having on pop culture. OWF obsessed with JLA