Myspace Dark Horse Presents

Dark Horse has this nifty little thing going over on Myspace. They have a series of comics from up and coming writers/illustrators that are on the Dark Horse Presents Myspace page, and they're on Issue 2 at this point. The issues feature a bunch of short stories from various writers, and this week's lineup includes the following: Sugarshock (Part 2) by Joss Wheadon & Fabio Moon Gear School by Adam Gallardo, Nuria Peris & Sergio Sandoval A Circuit Closed by Ezra Clayban Daniels Sock Monkey by Tony Millionaire For those of you that don't know, Dark Horse Presents was a running feature of Dark Horse's that showcased new talent (either artistically or illustratively). Its now back and better than ever on the Myspace page, granting millions of readers easy access to the new talent. Check it out, if you're so inclined. Dark Horse Presents on Myspace