Punisher: War Zone casting (again)

More news on the Punisher: War Zone casting front. Three new members have been added to the cast for the 2008 sequel, and it looks like the secret of Jigsaw may finally be revealed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Dominic West is in negotiations to play Jigsaw who, if you don't know, is one of Punisher's arch enemies, and is named Jigsaw because his face has been stitched back together rather haphazardly after a horrible accident. Doug Hutchinson will play Loony Bin Jim, who does just what his name implies and goes on a homicidal rampage because he feels its the right thing to do. And finally, Wayne Knight will play the role of Microchip, Punisher's right hand man and arms dealer. This movie is really starting to get fleshed out, and its looking quite promising. With Avi Arad producing, and Lexi Alexander directing, I have great faith. Still a little pissed about the lack of Thomas Jane, but hopefully Ray Stevenson can pick up where he left off. Punisher War Zone casting