Punisher: War Zone casting

Got some more news for you kids, itching to know who's going to play who in the upcoming Punisher sequel, Punisher: War Zone. Lexi Alexander (the movie's director) has reported on her blog some of the casting calls she's made so far. Dash Mihok (Hollywoodland) will be playing Detective Martin Soap, the detective tasked with stopping Frank Castle. Colin Salmon (Tomorrow Never Dies, Match Point) will be playing Agent Paul Budiansky, a recent addition to the comics who's actions mirror those of Castle's (think of him as Punisher cop...maybe even Robocop). And Doug Hutchinson (Green Mile) will play Loony Bin Jim, the supposed brother of Jigsaw (now that Jigsaw, the other one). Her blog has the handy comparison shots, so you can see how the casted compare to their comic counterpart (alliteration is exciting). Alexander also mentioned that she found "the perfect, most talented Jigsaw," but left it at that. That woman is such a tease (but of course in a good way). Punisher: War Zone casting news