Spider-man 3 successfully brought closure to the planned trilogy Sam Raimi had in mind when he helmed the first movie. He always said that he really just wanted to do a trilogy, and if Sony wanted to go beyond that, then they would probably have to find a new director. The same can be said for Tobey Maguire, who did the three movies out of commitment to Raimi, and isn't sure if he'll be back for future installments. Now that giant robots have showed up, his involvement in the future of the Spider-man movie franchise just got a little more unsure. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Maguire (in conjunction with WB) has picked up the rights to Robotech. Maguire will be producing the film poised to be a summer blockbuster under his production company, Maguire Entertainment. He will share producing duties with Drew Crevello (through his company Supercool Hollywood BigTime Prods.), Jason Netter and Frank Agrama, who will be the executive producer, seeing as he holds the rights to the franchise (through Harmony Gold). Craig Zahler (The Brigands of Rattleborge) will be writing the screenplay (The Brigands of Rattleborge is apparently a phenomenal screenplay that was just picked up by Vertigo). There's also the possibility that Maguire could star in the movie as well, obviously in a yet to be determined role. Due to the mammoth success of Transformers, we can probably expect to see a slew of new giant robot movies, because apparently audiences dig the robots fighting over our planet. Maguire goes Robotech