Secret Invasion revealed

The Marvel Universe is in turmoil as of late. Starting with House of M, then going to Civil War, then dealing with World War Hulk, and now facing a Secret Invasion. At the Baltimore Retailer's Summit, Marvel announced that Brian Michael Bendis would be penning (with Lenil Yu illustrating) the seven issue mini-series that is Secret Invasion. Bendis started it all with New Avengers 31, when Elektra was seemingly killed by Echo. It turns out that that wasn't Elektra, it was a Skrull (gasp!). Now, fresh off of choosing sides for the Superhero Registration Act, the heroes must figure out who's really themselves, and who are Skrull pretending to be someone else. Its basically a witchhunt (and I'm trying to think of any other events of historical significance that Marvel could use as inspiration for about the War of 1812). "We will reveal EVERYTHING in this story. This is the pay off of a storyline that has been simmering for years. This story has a beginning middle and end. And it's a hell of an ending. That is a promise. No 'X-Files' BS here. This is the entire thing. And while this story is told in the main series, in both Avengers titles we will have an all star line-up of artists helping to show you what has really gone on in the Marvel Universe the entire time—who exactly the Skrulls were and what they did to set the stage for this monumental invasion." Secret Invasion is due sometime in 2008, most likely the earlier part. So stay tuned for details. Secret Invasion