Spider-man: Friend or Foe?

If you asked J. Jonah that question, his answer would pretty resounding: foe. But that's not what Activision is going for in their new game titled the same as this post's title. I wrote about Stan Lee's thoughts on the new game a few weeks back, but now, there's a demo on Xbox Live for you to check out. Plotwise, Mysterio is up to his standard hijinks, by creating an army of Phantoms with some symbiote and kidnapping Spider-man's greatest foes. Not too bad on the surface, but oh, it gets worse. He's also brainwashed them to attack Spider-man (isn't that the definition of foes?). As you free them from the mind control, they see the error of their ways, and join your side as one of the "good guys," if you want to go that far. Kotaku's Mike Fahey has a great summary of the demo: pros, cons, etc. In short, it seems like it is what its trying to be, and that's a Spidey game aimed at children. Sure, you can play it if you're older, but chances are, you're not going to be very satisfied as a gamer (unless you just adore Spider-man, in which case I've got nothing). But if you've got a working 360, then by all means hit the marketplace and download the demo. You can quickly delete it if its not to your liking. Spider-man: Friend or Foe Demo - Kotaku's take