Transformers 2 release date announced (tenatively)

All the hubbub surrounding Paramount's exclusive deal with HD-DVD worried a lot of Spielberg fans. He wasn't too keen on the idea that his movies would only be in hi-def form on one format, and not both. So he threatened (and still is threatening) to pull his exhaustive library from the halls of Paramount, meaning we may not see his movies in glorious HD. Transformers is a Spielberg project, but its also a Michael Bay project, and more importantly a Paramount project. What does that all mean? At least two of the three will be on board for the sequel. Latino Review is reporting that Paramount is holding June 26, 2009 as a release date for the sequel to what was probably the summer's biggest blockbuster. Michael Bay is expected to return to direct (apparently he's working on the script now), and Shia LaBeouf will return to play the confused teen in a world of robots role (except this time I'm pretty sure he'll be less confused). This date isn't set in stone, nor is the idea of there actually being a sequel. Spielberg wields a hefty influence stick, so he could choose not to attach himself to it, and it might not be nearly as good as the first one (Bay really seems to like explosions more than anything). Stay tuned to see how this pans out. Hopefully, we'll get to see the Omnicron. And yeah, yet another reason to run a picture of Megan Fox. Like I need a reason. Transformers 2 sequel announced