Transformers comes home October 16

A couple weeks back, it was reported that the Transformers DVD/HD-DVD would be hitting stores around October 21. Well, it looks like those reports were off by about a week. DVDTown reports (via press release) that we can expect to see the home theater release of the Bay/Spielberg blockbuster on October 16. There will be single disc versions and 2 disk special editions. The 2 disk special edition will feature a TON of extras, including commentary, some ILM featurettes, and some training featurettes, highlighting some of the rigors involved with the military scenes. There will also be early concept sketches, interviews with DoD members who signed off on the film and an interview with Spielberg himself. The HD-DVD version though is where you really learn what the word "extra" is all about. The coolest feature is probably the Transformers Heads Up Display (HUD) that will let the viewer watch the movie with the HUD always up, and they can use it to access facts, trivia, etc. about the movie as it goes (kind of like watching the HD 300 alongside the blue screen version). There will also be web related content, including information on the Transformers in the scene. And that's just one disc 1. Disc 2 will feature an exhaustive featurette about the ILM special effects used in the movie, including a detailed look at all the models used for the movie. So make sure to pick up whatever copy tickles your fancy on October 16 when this movie hits stores. It's definitely well worth the buy, and the firm release date clears up that rumor. Now, if only someone would confirm the IMAX thing. Only problem is, with all these Transformers updates, I'm running out of Megan Fox pictures. DVDTown Transformers home theater press release