Transformers IMAX

September 21. That's the day you need to pay attention to if you have anything to do with being a kid in the '80s. That's the day that IMAX screens will be graced by those lovable but larger than life robots Transformers. The movie has already grossed $310 million worldwide, so this is really just icing on the cake. But still, it would be totally worth it to watch that movie on an IMAX screen. And IESB has a contest going that will allow 40 winners to win tickets to the showing! But that's not all. One grand prize winner will receive: 1 Optimus Prime Toy 1 Transformers Hat 1 Bumblebee keychain 1 BEEOTCH Air Freshener 1 Pair of IMAX tickets Hurry up and enter though, because the contest ends September 15th. And yes, this post does serve as another reason (valid I might add) to run a Megan Fox picture. Transformers IMAX contest (IESB)