Witchblade Anime

If seeing Witchblade floats your boat, well then visiting Top Cow's webpage will satisfy you. If you enjoy watching anime, well you can check out Amazon (or bittorrent) and find many animes to watch. But if you like watching the Witchblade anime, well, Top Cow knows how you like it. Releasing September 25, the "Starter Set+Volume 1" will include the first four episodes (rated MA of course) that chronicle the life of Masane Amaha, a woman described as being "on the fringe of society, but her strange destiny was written ages past. She has been chosen from the anonymous depths of history, a fresh host for the coveted artifact known as the Witchblade." Now it wouldn't be a DVD release without some extras, which comprise of the following: A Tour of Top Cow Studios with Marc Silvestri Japanese Cast Interview - Masane Amaha Promotional Video 8pg Insert Booklet Textless Songs FUNimation Trailers And don't forget the included original soundtrack, aptly named Sexual Panic (this is an anime about Witchblade afterall). Amazon has the starter set for a tidy $33.69 available for pre-order (with free supersaver shipping nonetheless). Witchblade Starter Set on Top Cow Witchblade Starter Set (Amazon)