Witchblade Manga

It looks like Top Cow is pimping Witchblade all over the place. In addition to the comic and anime, there's also the manga, which is on issues 7 and 8. Both run for $3.99, and the People's Comic Book Newsletter has some pretty glowing reviews of each of them. Yasuko Kobayashi is the writer, while Kazasa Sumita is the artist for the Witchblade Manga series that debuted in February 2007. It focuses on Takeru, a schoolgirl raised in a Buddhist monastery. Hidden in the monastery is the Witchblade, and its location is revealed in response to an attack by mysterious, black-clad monks (I'm guessing ninjas). The manga has come as a result of Top Cow's relationsihp with Studio Gonzo (Afro Samurai, Trinity Blood) and is published by Akita Shoten as part of the Champion Red Line. Witchblade Manga