Wolverine #57

Marvel has a preview up for the next issue of Wolverine, and, quite frankly, it's a little jarring. It features the return of Mark Guggenheim working on a story arc called "The Death of Logan." Now, most likely this won't be as rough as it sounds, because killing Wolverine would pretty effectively kill the comic named for him. So I'm guessing this is more of a figurative death, with Wolverine ignoring his namesake to constantly remain Wolverine. It follows up on plot threads from the "Vendetta" arc, and promises to "take Marvel's feral mutant to the limit - and beyond." Scott Kolins takes up the penciling duties, and if his stuff looks familiar, that's because you probably saw it in the Omega Flight series. Wolverine #57 hits this Thursday (September 6) for $2.99. Oh, and that does look like an Arthur Suydam cover to me too. Wolverine #57