Wolverine Annual: Deathsong Preview

Wolverine's been through a lot in his world. He's had adamantium put into his skeleton, ripped out, and put back in again. And that's probably on a good day for him. Well, things are about to get worse for the crazed Canuck. Wolverine Annual: Deathsong #1 tells the story of a botched bank heist and a dozen dead civilians. Wolverine is tasked with tracking down Smitty, a "two-bit hoodlum with blood on his hands a monster nipping at his heels." Written by Gregg Hurwitz and Marcelo Frusin, you can check at all 48 pages of Wolverine goodness on October 3 for $3.99 on October 3. Wolverine Annual: Deathsong #1 preview