Wonder Woman revealed

Casting Wonder Woman has proven to be quite difficult. Countless names have been thrown about, and while some have seemed a good fit, others not so much. Its really hard to cast her, as she's such a unique character, and the person that fills her role has to have a banging body, yet be strong and assertive. WB may have finally found who they're looking for. Variety reports that Jessica Biel is in talks to play the Amazon princess in the George Miller directed Justice League. Word is that Victoria Hill (Macbeth) read for the part, but I'm guessing she didn't get it, since they're talking to Biel to play the role. And there seems to be 90% confidence that the movie will be all CGI (a la Beowulf), so we may not get to see Biel at her finest, but she's still Wonder Woman. WB also still plans on doing a standalone Wonder Woman movie after Justice League, and they'd (of course) like to have a big name to carry what they hope will become a franchise. Now, everyone knows this isn't the first time she's played a role in a comic book movie, as she was Abigail Whistler in Blade: Trinity (and was amazingly hot). So this isn't really unfamiliar territory for her. The thing is, Wonder Woman is slightly more well known than Abigail Whistler is, so it'll definitely be a new thing for her. Personally, I really like this decision, because she's on my short list of actors I would consider to play Wonder Woman. Biel has the invisible jet