Amazing Fantasy #15 fetches $227,000 in ComicLink auction

Yeah, you heard me. $227,000. On October 16, the 1962 Amazing Fantasy #15 was auctioned for a final price of $227,000, the highest ever for a Silver Age comic in a public auction. Why would anyone pay that much for this comic you ask? Well, you shouldn't have to ask if you know about comics. But if you are asking, well I'll happily oblige your inquiry: it was Spider-Man's first appearance. The Near Mint, 9.4 rating also had something to do with it, as its the second highest certified grade in existence. Its rarer than actually finding a radioactive spider that could bite you and give you the same powers as Spider-Man. The issue featured art by Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby, and tells of Peter Parker's unfortunate (I guess actually fortunate) encounter with a radioactive spider that gave him his powers. It was after his huge success in Amazing Fantasy that Spider-Man got his own series, appropriately titled Amazing Spider-Man. Oh to have the coffers to afford this beauty... Amazing Fantasy #15is crazy expensive