Angel gets personal

Joss Whedon has done his fair share for the comic book community. He most notably brought us Buffy the Vampire Slayer, who kicked ass and took names, while looking incredibly hot. The massive success of the Buffy universe lead to a spinoff called Angel, which has amassed a cult following of its own. Whedon plans on doing a 12-issue series where season 5 of the TV show left off, and he needs your help. Fans will be able to select the cover artwork for 11 of the 12 issues. How? Simple. Visit Time and Space Toys for the details, as they will be offering the exclusive version of the series sporting the fan favorite covers. You don't have to necessarily submit a full-out drawn cover, as you can also pitch concept ideas for what you envision a cover looking like. As with any democratic voting contest, contributors and sitegoers will vote monthly on the cover they like best. Everything contestwise happens at the fan forum, where you can submit ideas, discuss current ideas, and vote on the winning idea (monthly). If you've just got an idea, fear not, as IDW's crack creative team will turn your words in images. Each month, the submitter for the winning cover will receive a cover credit in the issue as well as a prize package of Buffy/Angel merchandise from the Time and Space Toys Buffy Collector Club. Each issue in the 12-issue series will see only 1,000 copies printed, so this is something that will be extremely limited. The first issue is slated to hit stores November 28, which will feature a special "launch" cover exclusive to a Pittsburgh area comic store chain and New Dimension Comics. The fan favorite covers will start showing up in issue 2 and run all the way to issue 12. “This is a unique experience in which fans' own ideas can be immortalized,” says Time and Space Toys President Kevin Kriess. “I cannot think of a better way for the continuing story of Angel. The fan ideas and forum interaction will create another level of entertainment and fun for the participants over the next twelve months.” IDW Angel contest