Biel passes on Wonder Woman

Alas, my friends, it was never meant to be. Last week, multiple outlets (including Omnicomic) reported that hottie Jessica Biel was in negotiations to play Wonder Woman in the big screen adaptation of Justice League. Today, Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Biel has passed on the role. You heard me. PASSED. I really have no idea what would prompt her to pass up such a sweet role. Wonder Woman has been missing from the movies forever, and there is such a clamoring for her that its an ideal role. But I guess if its not right, its not right. Although, you have to wonder if maybe something else is going on. Joss Whedon backed out of doing the standalone Wonder Woman movie, and now Biel is passing on the role in Justice League. Maybe Hollywood wants to ruin the character by oversexing her (a la Halle Berry in Catwoman). If that's the case, I can see why Biel would pass, because that's not what Wonder Woman is about. Wonder Woman is about kicking ass, and looking good doing it, not the other way around. Biel passes on Wonder Woman