Columbus Short turns down Justice League

Geez, it seems like everyday there's some big name actor being attached to the new Justice League film, and we still don't have any definites. The latest on that list is Columbus Short for the role of Green Lantern. Short told the MTV Movies Blog that he was up for the role (apparently along with Common, T.I. and Tyrese Gibson) but that it wasn't the movie for him. He revealed that the script was too "popcorn for his tastes," and could be the same reason that Jessia Biel turned down the role of Wonder Woman. “I have a production company, and there was a while there when I was diligently pillaging old comic books, and going online to try and find black comics - and there’s not that many,” he explained. “Green Lantern is about John Stewart; he was one of the only [prominent black heroes].” This does kind of concern me a bit though. Jessica Biel turned down Wonder Woman (when she would've been perfect), and now Short turns down Green Lantern (who also would've been perfect). Now these are both quality actors, so what's the deal? It can't be money, because I know that Warner Brothers is throwing a ton at this movie, so maybe it is the script? Green Lantern not joining Theta Nu Theta