COMICON (the other one)

Because the comic book industry has gotten so large, its not uncommon for just about every major city to have a convention at some point over the course of the year. The problem is, the lesser known conventions get lost in the San Diego Comic Cons and New York Comic Cons. It'd be nice to have a centralized site that just focuses on comic conventions. does just that. Its an online comic convention, in that you can check out a lot of smaller publishers' and artists' works from the comfort of your computer. Of course, you lose some of the zaniness that usually accompanies comic conventions (unless you have some friends that can cosplay and just walk around your house while you're visiting the site). But its still nice to be able to check out all this new stuff in one convenient location. There's also a list of physical conventions on the homepage, so you can get a glance at what conventions are happening where. All in all, its a decent site to check out, and if you've never been to a comic book convention, you can at least say you've been to one virtually. ComicCon