The Dark Knight trailer before I Am Legend

I Am Legend is the big screen adaptation of the book by Richard Matheson set to hit theaters December 14, 2007, but you already knew that. It stars Will Smith, and will also be in the ever so awesome IMAX format, in addition to regular theaters (but you probably already knew that too). What you most likely don't know is that there's the strong possibility that before the IMAX version of I Am Legend, we'll get to see the origin of the Joker. Collider reports that there will be a "6 or 7 minute prologue about the Joker that will be shown before I Am Legend in IMAX." Obviously, this is a rumor as a result of a set visit, but there is some credibility to it. Christopher Nolan shot a few scenes in IMAX film only, as opposed to the traditional method of filming it regularly and adapting it to IMAX. Apparently, Nolan has had this in mind for a while, and it may or may not be similar to what conventiongoers in Chicago got to see earlier this year. There are a few other minor spoilers at Collider, so venture at your own risk. But this just solidifies the need for me to see I Am Legend in IMAX. I don't know if the movie will be as good as the book, but at least I'll get 7 minutes of Joker out of it, which I cannot complain about. 6-7 minutes of The Dark Knight before IMAX I Am Legend


  1. I'm really impatient to watch this movie. :))


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