The Darkness 2 in the works

Sequels are usually good. If they're not good, then they can at least be counted on to bring in some bucks. Top Cow has a good thing with The Darkness, so why wouldn't they want to make a sequel? According to one employee, the sequel is already in development. News4Gamers reports that a Top Cow employee "inadvertently" told Dutch rapper "Lycan-Strife" (I've got nothing on that) that Starbreeze is currently working on the sequel in secret. Lycan-Strife told Xbox360only, a Dutch game site covering, you guessed it, the Xbox 360. So check out the Dutch link (if you can speak Dutch). Otherwise, you'll just have to take my (and News4Gamers') word for it that The Darkness 2 is under development. The Darkness 2 in development Xbox 360 Only (Dutch)