DC Countdown Arena

DC is really going to town with this 52/Countdown saga in the vain of completely revamping the DC Universe. Well, the countdown is rapidly nearing an end, and it appears that the end will be featuring an arena battle royale among DC's greatest heroes. Written by Keith Champagne, with art by Scott McDaniel and Andy Owens (and variant covers by Andy Kubert), Countdown Arena #1 hits stores in December, where the Monarch is pitting heroes and villains alike against each other to see who will join his army. And DC, being the fan fave that they are, are letting readers vote on who gets to join the Monarch's army. And these heroes aren't just Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman (although they are among the first for voting along with Green Lantern). These are heroes from a healthy portion of the DC catalog, including Wildstorm, Superman: Red Son, New Frontier, Gotham by Gaslight, JSA: Liberty Files, Justice League: The Nail and Tangent. So visit the Arena page set up on DC's website, and cast your vote. All four issues of the mini-series will be released over the course of December, so you wont' have to wait too long between issues to determine if your vote survived or was defeated. DC Arena Voting