Dynamite previews

Comics are such a massive industry, that everywhere you look, there's a new origin story, or a new take on an old story. So its hard to pick through everything and find out what's really worth your money or not. I know I've mentioned some publishers like this in previous posts, but I always feel like I should point new ones out when I come across them. Certainly, my stumbling upon a publisher new to me is not an indication of their relative obscurity, as I'm sure many of these companies have devoted fanbases. Dynamite Comics is one of those publishers that let you preview some of their works before you actually buy them. Granted, you can only check out the first few pages or the first chapter, but at least that will give you a sense of if you're going to be into the style and story. Among the digital comics available are Red Sonja Vol. 1, Borderline TPB and Highlander #0. Novels include a few Red Sonja books, and there are tons of additional content to download (avatars, desktops, signatures). All in all, its a pretty comprehensive section of the site, that let's you get your Dynamite Comics character fix. So check it up if you want something new to read, or maybe need to spruce up your desktop. Dynamite Comics downloads