Gotham Underground #1 Preview

Batman has faced just about every villain imaginable, and has teamed up with almost just as many superheroes. The recently (October 24) launched Gotham Underground #1 kind of brings all that goodness together in a 9 part series, pitting Batman against everyone bad, and teaming him with everyone good. Tying into Countdown, Gotham Underground details the disappearance of multiple villains from Gotham City (strange that they're disappearing when I just said it features lots of'll all make sense in a minute, I promise). The big challenge to Batman and his allies is to deal with the multiple factions of scrambling to fill the newly created supervillain void. Gotham Underground #1 is written by Frank Tieri and illustrated by J. Calafiore. Clocked at 32 pages, and running $2.99, it hit stores October 24, so check it out. It looks promising. Gotham Underground #1