Halo action figures remixed

The wave of popularity that Halo 3 is riding doesn't seem to be hitting low tide anytime soon. So it seems to make perfect sense for Seth McFarlane to create new Halo action figures commemorating the success of the game. And Kotaku has some pictures to tide you over until their release. Coming early next year, there will be 5 new figures unleashed unto the market. Three are repaints of the Master Chief, so not much new there. One of the other two will be a Wal-Mart exclusive (a Spartan in CQB armor), while the other will be a Spartan in EVA armor. I've never really been one to jump on the whole collectible action figure bandwagon (the last action figures I had were Ninja Turtles, and they all got stolen from me when I was younger). But I can respect those that like to have them articulately displayed around their house for showing off and what not. Me? Just give me the damn game, and I'll be perfectly content. New McFarlane Halo figures