Halo movie off and on again

The Halo movie has been "in development" for a while now, and every time it seems like the movie is going to get off the ground, something comes along that grounds it again. There were reports that Fox and Universal were going to produce the movie, but that might have changed. Computer and Video Games reports that Fox and Universal have pulled out of production of the Halo movie. The big rumor is that the rising production cost was getting to be too much (approaching $135 million and rising). It seems that Microsoft was expecting to fill their coffers the most, which didn't sit too well with Fox and Universal. While the major studios have both backed out, pre-production is continuing, so its presumed that when someone does decide to back it, things will be relatively far along. It doesn't make sense to me that Fox or Universal should really expect to get that much from the movie, since it is technically a Microsoft property. But then again, Microsoft asking for too big a piece of the pie wouldn't surprise me either. The thing I don't get though, is that its going to be released on HD-DVD when its released, so why would Fox be in the running? They're Blu-ray exclusive, while Universal is HD-DVD, so you would think that they would have to go to a studio that would release it in HD-DVD. Halo movie not happening?