Heroes error

I've never been one to relentlessly scrutinize any show, movie, etc., looking for gaps in logic. Personally, most of those gaps are so small, that if I didn't notice them, then obviously they weren't that big to begin with. But this error is kind of amusing. On Heroes Monday, Peter opened the hallowed box. The plot device that I thought would propel his storyline through most of the season was replaced by Kristien Bell, so no need for the box anymore, so Peter opened it. What he found inside was to be expected: plane ticket, cash and a passport. So what's the error? It seems that Peter is a woman, according to the US government. Oh No They Didn't, a Livejournal, has photographic evidence that Peter's gender is listed as "F" on the passport shown in the show. Could it be that he was one of the millions that waited till the last minute to get his passport renewed? Or was someone in props just playing a joke on Milo Ventimiglia? It was probably just a harmless error, but amusing nonetheless. Heroes gaffe