Heroes Reviewcap: Fight or Flight

This show is finally starting to pick up. After a few so-so episodes, we get something with some meat on it and not just filler. I'll just get right to it, with the obligatory spoiler warning. The bulk of this episode focused on Parkman, Micah and the Petrellis. Parkman and Nathan went to visit Parkman's dad, who promptly used his mind-illusion power to trap them and flee, with the two of them having no idea where he went. Of course, while Dad #1 is away, Dad #2 (Mohinder) decides to take Molly into the people that he works for, who I thought was pretty evil, but whatever. I'm sure that will be explained later on. While Mohinder was at the special hospital, Nikki shows up, destroying everything in her path, only to be tased. Good times. Meanwhile across the pond (as they say over there), Peter taps into his "artistic" ability and paints a picture of what seems to be him and the Irish bartender chick at a French cross street. Or it could be Montreal, which would make more sense within the context of the story, since Peter had an open plane ticket to Montreal in his magic box. Why was he painting you ask? Because he was hiding in the Irish chick's apartment, who apparently is a painter, and also acts as a clever plot device to move the actions of the characters forward. Storywise, he was hiding from Kristin Bell, who is a little off her rocker, and has electric powers, powers that she decided to show off on Irish chick's brother. She says she was sent there by her "company" looking for Peter, and while on the phone with said company, she says "sorry daddy." Intriguing. Micah and his cousin learn about each other's special abilities, prompting them to confide in one another. I like this storyline, because I can imagine its tougher to deal with the powers as a kid, since you really have no idea what to do at all. She has what Micah deems a copycat ability, and I'm excited to see where their storylines go. The episode ends with Mohinder at copycat's door, offering the proverbial answers to her questions. This episode was awesome, and I'll tell you why. No Claire, and minimal Hiro. While both were staples of the first season, their characters got kind of old. Claire is just kind of starting to get annoying, while Hiro really just kind of floats around. Its obvious that the writers wanted to focus on the two most popular characters from last season, which is fine. But this show needs to spend more time with Peter and Sylar, as they are the most powerful of all the mutants, and are also the most interesting roles. Overall score: 9.0 out of 10