Heroes Review: Kindness of Strangers

Heroes just hit chapter four, appropriately (or purposefully) named "Kindness of Strangers." How'd it fare? Read on to see (and mind the spoilers). This week, Claire trusted West more, which I guess is good, since Claire needs a friend. And she's going to be a cheerleader again (those of you that checked out those Kristin Bell photos I posted earlier already knew that though). But of course, Mr. Butler is angry that Claire is living her own life, and is getting suspicious, but Claire puts him off the hunt for now. Maya and Alejandro come across a battered Sylar in the middle of the road (driving Claire's stolen Rogue nonetheless), and decide to help him. Its obvious that he doesn't remember anything yet, as he gives his name as Gabriel when asked (after looking at his broken watch face that says Sylar...symbolic?). Gabriel knows Suresh (at least remembers him), and offers to help the twins make their way to New York, where he experiences first hand their unique ability. Down in New Orleans, Micah is getting to know his cousins better. That means stealing a PPV WWE event, which lets his cousin (who's name I didn't catch) see Ray Mysterio, Jr.'s "619" move which I was sure would come into play later in the show. Sure enough she used it to stop a baddie from robbing her restaurant. A note on this whole scenario: the writers are really playing up the battered New Orleans angle. I trust that their intentions are good, and its great that they're shedding light on the situation (that still hasn't been remedied thanks to the idiots in power), but I hope that they're not using this angle for a ratings pull. We also learned that Parkman's dad is the one that haunts the dreams, and is killing the heroes (supposedly). So now Parkman is on a mission to find him, and also settle his abandonment issues that he has from being left as a kid. All in all, this week's episode was better than last week's. There was no Hiro story, and no Jesse, but I'm sure we'll get plenty of Hiro next week. There was also no Peter, but the previews show a certain Kristin Bell wreaking havok and going after Peter, I suppose because she likes him. I'm mildly interested in Sylar, as we're not really sure what's going on with him. I'm pretty sure the woman he killed was all part of Candace's illusion, as I don't really see how he ended up in the middle of the highway after being in a dense rainforest (lots of walking maybe). I'm intrigued by next week's episode, and it looks like they're really starting to build some momentum. Overall rating: 8 out of 10