Heroes Review: Lizards

This week's episode of Heroes was entitled "Lizards" and was all about lizards and regeneration. No, seriously, it was. Was it better than last week's episode? Read on through the spoiler laden review (if you've Tivoed or DVRed it, you may want to come back after watching it). We spent a little more time with Peter and Claire (rather predictably), as it seems that those two are inextricably linked with all major story plots flowing through them. Claire gets her car stolen, and decides to cut off her pinky toe to see if it will grow back, because she's all of a sudden gotten a "maybe I can help the world urge." Although, maybe it's just me, but I could've sworn this regeneration question was answered last season when she got her hand stuck in the garbage disposal and lost some fingers. The new kid, West, happened to see her cut it off, and promptly flew off, leaving behind the book by Mohinder's father. Speaking of Mohinder, he was sent to Haiti to cure a sick mutant. I'm just going to start calling them all mutants now, because we're clearly in the X-Universe. The sick mutant from Haiti. Wonder who that could be? Oh, right, its the Haitian. Mohinder cures him with his blood, proving that there is a cure to what ails them, and the Haitian promptly heads to Copy Kingdom to reunite with an old friend. Meanwhile, Mohinder's new boss is angry at him for being duped (having his memory supposedly erased by the Haitian), although we find out later on that it was a set up to allow the Haitian to get away without being tracked. The Petrelli family is all sorts of f'ed up. Peter is remembering more and more of his powers, and was thrust in a situation where he had to use them to save a hottie Irish chick. This of course impresses the gang that found him, and he's coerced into helping them clean up the mess he's caused. What possible leverage could a gang of Irish have over Peter? Why the box of course. Yes kids, this box contains everything Peter had on him at the time they found him. I still fail to see how his credit cards and a train ticket will trigger a flood of memories, but I'll humor the writers for now (my guess is, most of Peter this season will be following a trail of clues to his identity that will lead him into the main story). Nathan goes to bail out his mom, who is promptly attacked by the shadow being while in custody, letting Parkman know that she's next on the list. And didn't Parkman and Ando cross paths last season as well? I feel like there are certain continuity lapses here. Hiro. Well, Hiro spent more time trying to convince Takegi to be a hero, only to be successful, but then watching Takegi get killed by arrows. Until the wounds heal, and he's fine. So he's probably a great great great great great great great grandfather of Claire's. I really like where the Alejandro and Maya storyline is going. Its cool that she has the dark power, and he has the reverse of it, so that could prove quite intriguing down the road. Maybe the dark power is what's killing these people. Who knows at this point, but I'm starting to get interested. I wrote last week that I wasn't too impressed with the Heroes season premiere. It seemed that they didn't really do anything to capitalize on the success of last season (with the exception of the last few weeks of last season losing steam as it plodded toward the season finale). I'm not going to start heralding the show again quite yet, but after last night's episode, I feel like the show is starting to pick up steam. This week's episode was better than last week, and that's a good thing. Overall review: 8 out of 10