Heroes Reviewcap: Kindred

So I realized that in my quest to bring you weekly reviews of Heroes that my reviews were part review, part recap. Hence, the new name of reviewcap. I'm going to be applying this standard to all reviews from here on out, so know there may be spoilers. I'll always warn ahead of time regarding spoilers though, just in case you forgot. "Kindred" was the third chapter of this season, and it was so-so. Most of the episode centered around Hiro, who is still trying to convince Takegi to be the hero that he is. The writers did a little something with the space time continuum in having Hiro write small scrolls and hiding them in the sword that Ando is holding onto in the present. Which is convenient, because right as Ando wonders where Hiro is at and what he's doing, Ando stumbles upon the inscription of the bottom of the hilt instructing him to open it and read the tales of Hiro. Nathan helps the Irish rob a bookie, and even does the Vadar force choke on one of "brothers" who turned on the team, but stops choking him when the hottie with the Irish accent tells him not to (whom he proceeds to make out with later on and not open his box). Nikki wants to get cured, Maya and Alejandro try to steal a car in broad daylight (and then catch a ride with one of the other jailmates after the twins use their power to break free), and Sylar is being tended to by Candace in a small shack in the middle of a dense rainforest. Claire was harassed by West all episode (who really was just being a dick) to confess that she has a power, and we're all treated to a Superman-esque flying sequence with them kissing on a beach somewhere. West goes on to tell Claire about the man with the "horn-rimmed glasses" that he remembers, abducting him one day on his way to school, and if he ever finds him he plans on killing him. Mohinder gets a new office in the city, and it just so happens to be Isaac's art studio, cleaned up of course. The company he's working for is keeping a watchful eye on him, and he knows this. But he does manage time to sneak away, call Mr. Butler, and send a picture message of the painting numbered 8 of 8, that features Mr. Butler with a bullet through his horn-rimmed glasses and head, and Claire kissing a stranger in the background. This season really just isn't doing it for me so far. There are just too many characters, and it seems like there isn't this one unifying need for them all. Last year, every hero had to get to Las Vegas and/or New York. This year, its kind of like most of the heroes want nothing to do with each other. I know Nathan is going through his caveman thing, but it'd be helpful to have one scene where he at least tries to call Claire, and maybe Mr. Butler doesn't let him talk to her. Or Parkman and Mohinder show something more of a friendship than a partnership. I really hope this season picks up. I just feel like the writing is too forced, and the storylines are wearing thin at this point. Review: 7 out of 10