Heroes Reviewcap: The Line

First off, let me say it was cute the way Heroes started off this week, with the police tape saying "Do Not Cross" with the episode's title "The Line" right below it on the scene. Well done kids, well done. It was obviously an indicator of what to come within the episode, as countless lines were crossed as means to ends, so read on to get my take on the episode as a whole. Spoilers do abound. This week's episode was very well-rounded in terms of storylines. It focused on Hiro more than anything, as he continues to help make Kensei a hero, and it works for a while so they can rescue Yaeko's father. And then, Hiro f's up. He kisses Yaeko, and of course Kensei sees, leading Kensei to turn the three back over to White Beard. I'm really not sure how this is going to play out in the end, because it seems that Kensei has actually changed, but this jealousy (coupled with his invincibility) might lend a good balance to his character. I do approve of how Hiro's story is being told: through Ando's reading of the scripts. Mohinder studies Monica, and names her ability "adaptive muscle memory," and basically says she can mimic any action she sees. When Mohinder is forced to give her a vaccine, taking away her power, he flips out on Midas man, and doesn't do it. Which leads to a strange scene where Midas Man is dropping Monica off at home, giving her contact info and an iPod loaded with stuff so she can learn anything (I guess the rift between NBC and Apple isn't that big after all). Mohinder is then paired with Nikki, so that'll be a fun duo there. Claire and her dad. Her dad definitely had the best moments, but I'll get to that in a second. Claire makes the cheerleading squad through a very odd sequence by getting the head cheerleader arrested for underage drinking. But Mr. Bennet (I'm done calling him Mr. Butler) pays a visit to a man named Ivan, who trained him, and gets the Haitian to start removing Ivan's memories until he tells them where all the paintings are. He resists, until Mr. Bennet threatens to shoot Ivan (making their visit look like a robbery), and Ivan finally tells him. Its then that Mr. Bennet straight up shoots Ivan, in a scene I was very impressed with. They find the paintings, and we'll be seeing more of those down the road I'm sure. Peter makes it to Montreal with hottie Irish chick, and finds a note saying to contact Adam (who I think is the invisible man, but I could be wrong). Peter inadvertently travels into the future (June 2008), where New York is laid to waste, and they freak out slightly. Sylar meanwhile gets the twins across the border, and is slowly winning Maya over from Alejandro. He's teaching her to control her power, and is splitting the twins apart; he even tells Alejandro point blank he's going to kill him once he remembers how. Its very intriguing that Sylar has memory of his powers, but no power, while Peter has no memory but all his powers. This season is all about dichotomies it seems. At first, I wasn't too impressed with the season. But things are really starting to get interesting. I really like that Mr. Bennet is taking a darker turn, and that Sylar is still making his way to New York. Hopefully, we'll get another showdown between Sylar and Peter that doesn't suck this time, although I could see Sylar getting Maya's power, with Peter getting Alejandro's (tying Sylar and Peter together even more). Regardless of what anyone says, this show revolves around Sylar and Peter, and needs to keep spending time with those two. Overall score: 9.4