IDW does Beauty and the Geek

As if you couldn't already tell, comics are snowballing in popularity, as they are returning to their role as a massive influence in popular culture, which is freaking awesome. Yet another example of such popularity was seen on this week's episode of Beauty and the Geek. I confess, I watch the show. Its the only reality show I do watch, mostly because its immensely entertaining (and of course, the chicks are hot). This week's episode marked the first "team" challenge for the contestants, as the geeks had to design a superhero costume for their beauty, while the beauty had to develop a backstory, arch-nemesis and model the costume at Comic-Con in front of judges. Who were those judges? None other than IDW's own Chris Ryall and Brian Lynch were, that's who. You can head over to the Beauty and the Geek website and check out the full episode if you'd like. It was actually quite entertaining, as some of the costumes weren't that bad. Of course, the stories weren't all that cohesive, except for the winner, which was actually quite entertaining.