Justice League story details

Patrick at UGO has a TON of details regarding the upcoming Justice League film. Obviously, you need to dig out that grain of salt you've got sitting around for rumors such as this, so take this news as just that, a tasty rumor. And there are spoilers (duh), so don't read on if you don't want to know what the movie will most likely begin with. Six members of the Justice League are on a cathedral rooftop, lamenting the loss of a friend during a funeral. This opening clearly eschews the notion of an origin story, as the movie picks up with the league well established and operational. The six heroes are Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Martian Manhunter and The Flash, all wearing funeral edition black costumes. And they're not mourning the loss of Batman, because he doesn't really like the spotlight as Batman, so fear not Batfans. The movie then shifts six days earlier, and shows Detective Barry Allen enjoying lunch with his wife Iris, while watching Wonder Woman address the UN live on television. And cue Batman. The Brother Satellite is shown, being owned by Wayne Enterprises, and Batman is in the Batcave watching his colleagues enjoy lunch (The Flash), address the UN (Wonder Woman), working (John Stewart). It looks like they're going the Tower of Babel route with this, which is awesome. Alfred walks in, informing Batman of his meeting with Maxwell Lord, so it also seems like they're working in the Checkmate storyline a bit maybe (and Infinite Crisis). After Batman and Alfred leave, the computer switches itself automatically to watch Detective Jones (Martian Manhunter) working at the station. The first 14 pages of the script ends with Detective Jones receiving a package that explodes, covering him in white dust. It turns out, the white dust is actually millions of nanobots, that cause him to lose his human form and begin to change forms rapidly, until he reaches his familiar Martian Manhunter form, prompting him to quickly fly off so as not to hurt anyone. The Flash sees him streaking across the sky, and takes off after him. Wow. Warner Brothers looks like they're getting this right. I'm glad they're recasting all the roles, because these are unique takes in a sense of the characters. Especially Batman, who really didn't start playing the paranoia angle until late, and I really couldn't see Christian Bale playing that paranoid Batman very well (no offense to Bale, I just have him in my head as a different type of Batman). My intrigue with this film is slowly growing. The ending is apparently pretty eventful, and will have a major impact on two of the characters. My guess is Batman gets expelled from the Justice League, and The Flash dies. Good times. Justice League script details