Marvel's big announcement

So 12 PM has come and gone, and what do we have to show for it? A shiny new, huge announcement from Marvel regarding Alex Ross. What's the announcement you ask? Well allow me to enlighten you: Captain America is not dead. Now, this really can't come as a surprise. Superman kind of set that new standard for superhero deaths. You can't kill a hero on the level of Captain America and not expect him to come back. He will make his triumphant return in Captain America #34. And this isn't your classic Cap. No, this one has a new costume and guns. Working with Ed Brubaker, Steve Epting and Tom Brevoort, Ross is planning to completely reinvent Captain America, as it is no longer Steve Rogers who will be fighting the good fight. "As is typical when you change a classic character around," explains Brevoort, "there are going to be some who'll love it and some who'll loathe it. But it does have the advantage that this isn't Steve Rogers, so what might seem right or wrong for his Captain America won't necessarily hold true in the same way for our new guy." Captain America #34 hits stores in January 2008, and I for one am excited. Marvel's big announcement