New face of Marvel Comics

In a quest to continue being the self-appointed "unstoppable juggernaut of awesome," Marvel Comics has redesigned its comics section of the website to be more streamlined and user friendly. The main page has been revamped, and they've now organized all the content into handy sections based on the hero (or heroes) you're looking for. Those include: » Annihilation » Avengers » Best Selling Authors » Civil War » Daredevil » Dark Tower » Fantastic Four » Halo » Icon » Incredible Hulk » Marvel Adventures » Marvel Heroes » Marvel Illustrated » Marvel Zombies » Messiah CompleX » One More Day » Spider-Man » The Initiative » Thor » Ultimate Marvel » World War Hulk So if you've stayed away from the comics page at Marvel because you've been scared that you'll just be endlessly wandering the site, searching for the latest news on the Marvel Zombies, rest easy, as Marvel knows your fear, and has remedied it. Unstoppable juggernaut of awesome