Return of Youngblood

Some of the older comic heads that remember when Image was first formed, one of its biggest successes was Youngblood by Rob Liefield. Originally debuting in 1992, the original Youngblood chronicled the government blessed superteams adventures (if you want to call them that) in saving the day. The series was the flasgship publication under the newly formed Image banner, so you can sense that it has some relative importance to both Image and comics in general (at the time, it was the best-selling independent comic book). Now, after some turbulent times between Liefield and Image, Liefield has returned to Image, and he's bringing Youngblood back with him. According to Image, Shaft, Bedrock, Die Hard and Cougar will be fighting with Johnny Panic, Doc Rocket and a secret mystery character. The premise will remain similar (new administration overseeing them), and will tell the story of their reunion. Rob Liefield will be creating variant covers for each issue. "Youngblood is the book which launched the Image invasion and eventually spawned The Ultimates and Authority," said writer Joe Casey. "It's only right it's back at home and I'm extremely thrilled Rob has entrusted his creations to series artist Derek Donovan and me. Derec and I are bringing back everything fans loved about the series, but in a whole new style set for the fans of today." Youngblood #1 is set to hit stores January 9th, in all of its 32-color page, $2.99 glory. Youngblood returns to Image