Superman not returning?

As if the new Superman franchise needed anything else to add to its uncertainty of moving past Superman Returns, Variety reports that the screenwriting duo from the first movie, Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris will not be joining Bryan Singer in the sequel. The three worked together on the first film, as well as X2: X-Men United, so they have an established chemistry working together. WB is currently looking for new script pitches for the sequel. The plan is still to do a sequel (rather than acting as if the first one never happened), although they have to continue with the Superman's son storyline, that a lot of people weren't too keen on from the first movie. Brandon Routh is slated to don the tights was again, so at least there's the continuity. There will be more of a focus on action as well in the sequel, something the first one sorely lacked. WB seeking Superman writers