Target Transformers unboxed

As most of you are aware (at least those of you that read Omnicomic), Transformers was released on DVD and HD-DVD yesterday. If you haven't gotten either yet, Gizmodo has a nifty little post that may sway you to find your target. Gizmodo writer Ray Wert posted pictures and detailed his unboxing of the Special Edition version from Target. There's really not much different in the Target special edition than any other special edition, except for one thing. That one thing is that the case the movie comes in transforms into Optimus Prime. Yes, Target defies your childhood memory of Optimus as a semi, and makes him a DVD collector's case. Anyway, check out the pictures, and if you still haven't gotten the movie, maybe the Target special edition is what you're looking for. Transformers: Special Edition (Target) unboxing