Third Fantastic Four movie?

While the first Fantastic Four was a moderate success, the sequel was a bigger success. Fantastic Four: Rise of the SIlver Surfer took everything that was good about the first movie, and made them better. It was a pleasant surprise, I have to say. So does this mean there will be a third one? According to Doug Jones, there's a strong possibility. IESB spoke with Doug Jones, and asked him if he knew anything about a third movie in the franchise. His response: "I know as much as you do about that. I wish I knew more. I suppose they have a writer hired, who's been talking about it at Comic-Con? So that's how I heard about him. So, as far as the timing goes, I don't know. As far as whether they're going to come back for me again, I'm contracted for two more, whether they exercise that contract is up to them. I would like to…I would like to…" So that's not a confirmation, but it does bode well that he's been signed on for two more movies, so it seems that if he is involved, the Silver Surfer will be coming back. I would like to see another one, but without the lame Doom that they've completely bastardized. Silver Surfer speaks