What was obviously inevitable with the huge success of Transformers and upcoming Speed Racer and GI Joe movies was that another gem of the '80s would be given the feature film treatment. That gem? Thnudercats. According to Variety, Jerry O'Flaherty has been tapped to direct the CGI big screen movie of the show. Who is O'Flaherty (other than clearly Irish)? He was the art director for a few video games you may have heard of: Gears of War and Unreal Tournament 3. Yeah, I haven't heard of them either (end sarcasm). O'Flaherty is looking to make the transition from video games to movies, and he feels that this is the perfect opportunity for him. "It feels like a natural thing for me to step into," he said. "Games have come so far now. The last four years of my life have been about bringing the energy of filmmaking into the videogame experience." Paul Sopocy is writing the script, which will be the obligatory origins story, following Lion-O as he grows up and comes to terms with being the leader of the Thundercats. Paula Weinstein will produce the film through her Spring Creek Productions banner, with help from Dick Robertson and Lew Korman. O'Flaherty to direct Thundercats