Transformers HD-DVD

So I, like apparently a lot of other people, ventured out and picked up Transformers for HD-DVD, and watched it last night. I'm not going to give a comprehensive summary of the extras, as I've yet to indulge in all of them, but I figured I'd give a few compelling reasons to pick it up on HD-DVD. I honestly forgot how awesome this movie was. Really. Everything about it was perfect, and it really was one of the best movies I saw all year. That being said, I knew what I was getting into when I bought the movie. What i didn't know was what it would look or sound like. Well, it looked like Megan Fox (sexy as hell), and sounded like a glorious opera. The picture was f'ing glorious. I CANNOT stress that enough. I've seen some gorgeous looking movies in IMAX, but this was awful close in terms of quality. Face it, this movie was designed for a high definition DVD player, and my god was I glad I got it that way. Audio is also top notch, although there is that nasty fact floating around that its not the best audio because of the HD-DVD disc size limitations, but still sounded perfect. The scene in Mission City where Megatron shows up shook my entire house from the bass. In terms of extras, there were a ton. I checked out the web enabled content, and the thing that first caught my eye were a series of Sector 7 videos that could be downloaded. These are supplemental video, describing in a bit more detail what Sector 7 actually does. There is also a Transformers HUD you can watch the movie with, which incorporates GPS tracking and Transformer "energy bars" in a sense that let you follow the action more closely. There's also content coming soon, including a "pop-up video" type feature that will give you access to facts and things about the movie as you watch. There's also the requisite commentary to go along with the movie, as well as a documentary on making the Transformers look realistic. All in all, this movie is epic. It really is. I liked it a lot better the second time around. That's not to say I didn't like it the first time around, but I think I appreciated it more the second time. Either way, go pick it up. If you have HD-DVD, then you have to get it in that format. Otherwise, DVD is a decent substitute.