The Planet Hulk/World War Hulk storyline has been going on for a little over a year now. The Incredible Hulk has been shot into space, survived gladitorial combat on a random planet, and has come back to Earth, bringing sheer chaos and destruction with him. He didn't come alone though, as he brought some of his new gladiator friends (affectionately called the Warbound) with him. And now, they're getting their own series. Debuting in 2008, Warbound #1 will be a 5-part miniseries written by Greg Pak (with the artistic talents of Leonard Kirk) that tells the story of Hulk's running crew (at least the ones that survive). Their group is based on the premise that they will stand by each other no matter what (as evidenced by their rolling with Hulk on his worldwide destruction tour). Details on the characters and story are quite scant right now, but you can be sure that Marvel will be letting little tidbits out here and there. "From the first few issues of 'Planet Hulk,' I've been blown away by the enthusiasm of readers, retailers and reviewers for these characters," says Pak, beaming. "So many, many thanks to everyone who's embraced the Warbound and made this series possible. It's also worth noting that editor Mark Paniccia and I have a number of big, big plans that this book ties into. The series will be totally accessible to brand new readers as a stand-alone adventure, but it absolutely matters in terms of paying off some carefully laid threads in 'Planet Hulk' and WORLD WAR HULK and setting up what comes next." Warbound series bound