The Watchmen script rewrite

Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are everywhere these days. Fresh off the news yesterday that they were being tapped to write the script for Transformers 2, The Watchmen Comic Movie blog reports that they have been revamping and rewriting Alex Tse's script for The Watchmen. And word is, that they were brought in to do a complete rewrite, which means Zak Snyder really was not happy with the script on hand. It seems that many were none too happy with Tse's script, and having not seen it I can't really comment on it. I do know that it was excessively long, which is expected for a movie like The Watchmen. But if excessively long equates to crappy, well then it doesn't matter how long it is, just that it will suck. So I'm enthused by the idea of Orci and Kurtzman signing on to rewrite the script, as they did a phenomenal job with Transformers. Stay tuned for more details. The Watchmen movie rewrite